pneumatic manipulator / with gripping tool / loading / for mechanical components



  • Drive type:


  • Gripping device:

    with gripping tool

  • Applications:

    loading, for mechanical components, for lifting, industrial, for wood, for food, for ceramic products, sanitary wares, for panels, for lifting, for sheet metal, for plates, for electrical appliances, for gripping, for drums, for windows and doors, for glazing, crate, for pipes, for solar panels, mini pools, unloading, cell, for panels, for tubes, for wheels, sheet metal, empty drum, for bodywork, ham, handling, for reel handling

  • Other characteristics:

    rotary, pillar, ergonomic, overhead trolley, balanced, hanging, ATEX, for the automotive industry, overhead rail-mounted, rotation 0°- 90°, rotation 0°-180°

  • Field:

    for the food industry, industrial, for the chemical industry, for the packaging industry, for the pharmaceutical industry, for the paper industry, for the textile industry, for the plastics industry, for railway applications, for the automotive industry, for the petrochemical industry

  • Carrying capacity:

    Max.: 1,000 kg (2,204.6 lb)

    Min.: 100 kg (220.5 lb)


Pneumatic manipulators have been designed to operate with over hanging loads. For this reason they are absolutely necessary for loading and unloading of industrial machinery. Thanks to pneumatic accessories and special accessories, it is not only possible to lift parts, but also to rotate, to tilt ant to turn them upside down or, more simply to incline them.
Every manipulator MANIBO is supplied with special handling attachment, manufactured following customer's necessities.
The handling attachment is connected to the arm of the industrial manipulator by a rotating joint with 7 internal air passages, that allow to rotate 360° continuously around the vertical axis.
MANIBO industrial manipulators can be fixes to the ground, utilized with a forkliftable self bearing base or suspended to a pushing operated or a pneumatic powered trolley, to slide on suspended rails.

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