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Swivel caster / base plate / monobloc / polyamide


  • Type:


  • Mount:

    base plate

  • Other characteristics:

    monobloc, polyamide, steel, for waste containers

  • Wheel diameter:

    Min.: 70 mm

    Max.: 250 mm

  • Load capacity:

    Min.: 90 kg (198.42 lb)

    Max.: 750 kg (1653.47 lb)


With their extra-strong construction, these impeccably reliable and long-lasting industrial castors are ideal for continuous heavy-duty use in industrial plants, large warehouses, supermarkets, retail stores. For roll containers, milk containers, heavy tool waggons, installation trolleys, refuse containers, merchandise rollers, building scaffolding...

Load capacity 90-750 kg
Wheel diameter 70-250 mm

Optional extra features: Double action brake, directional lock, threadguard


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