load cell display / numeric / 6-digit / explosion-proof
X24-HD Mantracourt Electronics Ltd



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  • Features:


  • Other characteristics:

    wireless, backlit, IP67, explosion-proof

  • Applications:

    remote, for load cells


Approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 2
Covers multiple usage scenarios
Use with single or multiple transmitters
Long battery life: 50 days at 12 sessions of 5 minutes per day; 54 hours continuous
Audible warnings and feedback
User controlled backlight
800m (½ mile) range
Compatible with cased X24 transmitter, OEM module X24-SAe and T24 transmitters
Indication of remote errors
Overload indication and alarm
Uses readily available Energizer L91 batteries
Sealed to IP67 in a robust handheld enclosure
Simple operator interface
Assign names to transmitters
Independent transmitter scaling (Unit conversion)
Tare/Zero/Gross functions
Operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C
152 mm X 90 mm X 34 mm

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