strain gauge signal conditioning card
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    for strain gauges


The DSC Digital Load Cell or Strain Gauge Digitiser Module is designed for use with strain gauge sensors such as pressure transducers, load cells and torque sensors, the DSC offers high speed, high precision strain gage signal conversion capabilities with linearization and temperature compensation of the sensor .

Available output formats include RS232, RS485 ASCII and Modbus.

Feature include:

Ultra high performance, resolution of 1 part in 400,000 (18bit)
High speed, up to 500 updates per second
Auto calibration or direct entry of mV/V with linearisation
Programmable dynamic filter
Temperature compensation
Error reporting including strain gauge fault conditions and overloads
Peak and trough (valley) recording
Remote shunt calibration by software command or digital input

For mounting internal to the sensor, the same electronics is also available in a compact miniature format - see our model DCell.

For easy connection to the DSC, we offer two waterproofed IP65 NEMA4 enclosures which provide bus communications and power supply and 2 part connector for field terminals. Designed for one DSC (DSJ1) or 4 DSC's (DSJ4) to give either 1 channel input or 4 channels.

For low cost evaluation of the DSC, try our ready to go Evaluation Kit which includes one free DSC or Dcell and all you will need for connection to your PC. See our Video section above on 'Getting Started with the Evaluation Kit'.