LVDT transducer signal conditioning module
LVDT Mantracourt Electronics Ltd



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    for LVDT transducers


The model LVDT or RVDT Amplifier / Signal Conditioner provides a convenient and flexible solution to the measurement of displacement or position (linear or angular) when using Linear Variable Differential Transformers or Rotary Variable Differential Transformers (LVDT's or RVDT's).

The analogue amplifier device can be powered from an AC or DC supply, and can provide the excitation needed by the attached transformer.
The excitation frequency can be selected from 5 options between 1 and 5 kHz and the conditioned signal can be output via a bipolar voltage channel or via a current loop channel, both being provided as standard.

For a panel mount version with a display, see model ADP15 Versatile Indicator/Controller,
For a rack mounted equivalent, see model RUA Rack Mounted Universal Amplifier/Digitiser,
For a wall mounted version with a display, see model SMP Versatile Indicator/Controller and
For a PCB modular version, see model UAB Universal Amplifier/Digitiser