gas compressor / fixed / electrically-powered / rotary vane
MAPRO International S.p.A.



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    rotary vane

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MAPRO® rotary vane compressors are positive-displacement machines.
That is, the compression takes place for progressive reduction, inside
the machine body, during rotation, of the gas volume mechanically
displaced from the suction to the discharge port. The discharge
port is opened, on the internal cylindrical surface of the stator, at
an height depending on the foreseen discharge pressure, so that
only the power needed for the actual compression of the gas is
used. It follows that the adiabatic compression efficiency is always
high, and, in general, between the 70 and the 80%.
The tight internal clearances allow, as well, a high volumetric efficiency,
basically unchangeable as blades wear is self-compensating in time.
The power needed for the compression is therefore, in general, lower
than that required from other types of compressors, with consequent
lower operating costs.
Simple and economic maintenance
The small number of parts in motion simplifies the compressor disassembly
and reassembly, so making these operations well less expensive than
compared to other types of positive displacement machines.
A specially provided control rod, allows a quick evaluation, at fixed time
intervals, of the blades wear, without disassembling, even partially, the
machine body so as to enter the compression chamber. It is therefore possible
to plan the blade replacement largely in advance, according to the working
planning of the plant or to the maintenance needs of other equipments,
so simplifying the plant operation and improving its efficiency and economy.
Gas flow without pulsations