Automatic label printer-applicator / with inspection cameras
max. 400 p/min | BL-A415 Marchesini Group


  • Operational mode:


  • Other characteristics:

    with inspection cameras


Automated equipment with high quality digital camera management ideal for the effective use of two personal-sticky tamper-noticeable closes around the sides of shaped cartons, stamping solutions of two dimensional rule (Datamatrix) and Man Understandable information around the higher area and 2 lateral carton flaps.

- Deck composition

- Steady movements

- Beneficial carton move

- Pre-established for your Printer ink-Jet Publishing installing and then for OCR, OCV, Individual understandable details, and two dimensional program code confirmation techniques

- Ergonomy and convenience for quick device management and clearance

- Exposure of your manufacturing method

- Computer code precision software

- Produce good quality reaching A and B grading

- Simple and easy fast dimension changeover


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