Automatic tablet counting machine
max. 60 p/min | FTC12 Marchesini Group

Electronic counting & filling machine;
Designed to automatically count: tablets, coated tablets (dragées), hard & soft gelatine capsules, lozenges;
Counting head with plates at 12 channels mounted on 3 vibratory trays;
Photocells performing counting while tablets are falling down into the container;
Motorized adjustment of counting head's height;
S.S. AISI 304 structure;
Parts in contact with product made by SS AISI 316 or FDA approved material;
Vibrating block completely isolated from the frame;
Compliant to gmp rules;
Touch screen colour interface allowing user-friendly operations;
The machine is managed by a Siemens or Allen Bradley industrial pc allowing maximum reliability and conformity to the highest gmp requirements.


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