tablet counting machine / for the pharmaceutical industry / automatic
max. 60 p/min | FTC12 Marchesini Group


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    for the pharmaceutical industry

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This electronic counting and filling machine is ideal for automatic counting of products including tablets, coated tablets (dragées), soft and hard gelatin capsules and lozenges. The device features a 12-channel plated counting head set atop three vibratory trays, with photocells counting the products as they move from the counting head down into the container. The counting head's height can be adjusted to suit desired applications and features a S.S. AISI 304 structure with a vibrating block separate from the main frame to ensure precise counting.

This device is simple to use and fitted with an easy-to-understand touchscreen color interface. The device is compliant with gmp rules and managed by either a Siemens or an Allen Bradley PC for optimum reliability and connectivity.