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Automatic sleeve wrapping machine / with heat shrink film
max. 25 p/min | AS series Marden Edwards Limited

For speeds over 10 products per minute it is necessary to use a fully automatic sleeve sealer. Available either with an inline or side fed product feed, the Wraps UK range of AS sleeve wrappers are suitable for speeds up to 25 products per minute. The system comprises the AS sleevewrapper followed by an M series shrink tunnel. For higher speed operation, a two chamber heat tunnel is used.

Unlike a semi automatic sleeve wrapper, a fully automatic sleeve wrapping machine uses either a driven belt conveyor or a pusher to automatically transfer the product through the web of film. Once the product has been sleeve wrapped, another automatic conveyor takes the product into the heat shrink tunnel where the polyethylene film is shrunk around the product to form the transit wrap.

The AS range of sleeve sealers are designed to be robust, easy to operate and maintain as well as being low cost to purchase. The key features are:

Very robust construction
Clear, perimeter guards allowing ease of access and visibility at all times
Ergonomically positioned film reels allowing easy loading of film and simple film thread up
Heavy duty Teflon coated sealing blade for strong, reliable seals and a long blade life
LCD display for diagnostic display and access to operator settings
Powered film drive to ensure lightweight products are easy to wrap
Options of a pneumatic product clamp to hold lightweight packs during sealing, a height sensing sealing jaw to ensure highest speed of operation and side feed automatic product collating systems are available

The AS range is available with film widths of 700, 900 and 1300 mm and product heights up to 500mm.


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