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Fully automatic sleeve wrapping machine / with shrink tunnel / high-speed
AS Marden Edwards


  • Operational mode:

    fully automatic

  • Other characteristic:

    with shrink tunnel, high-speed

  • Throughput:

    25 p/min


Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machines are used for speeds over 10 products per minute. These machines are available with either an inline or side fed product feed. The AS sleeve wrappers of UK series are ideal for speed of up to 25 products per minute. The system is comprised of sleeve wrapper that is followed by shrinking tunnel of M series. A two chamber tunnel is used for high speed operation.

A completely automatic sleeve wrapping machine automatically transfer the product through the web of film by using either a driven belt conveyor or a pusher, unlike a semi automatic sleeve wrapper. An automatic conveyor takes the product into the heat shrink tunnel with the help of a polyethylene film that is shrunk around the product to form the transit wrap, once the product has been sleeve wrapped. The AS range of sleeve sealers are easy to operate and maintain.


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