light fixture / fluorescent tube / for shops / for storage hall



  • Type:

    light fixture

  • Illumination technology:

    fluorescent tube

  • Applications:

    for shops, for storage hall, office, for clean rooms

  • Other characteristics:

    tubular, explosion-proof

  • Power:

    18 W, 36 W


The new RMS series lighting fixtures can be utilized for ON and OFF-SHORE applications and industries that experience heavy wear. AISI304 is made of stainless steel and created out of one single steel sheet without any intruding mounting holes for lowering the water ingression via the body. The power supply cable holes are safe-guarded by an appropriate cable gland upon request for ensuring that there is no passing through holes in the interior and exterior of the luminaire. This ensure no harm in lowering the IP rating that occurs while working with a free hand in the absence of holes and essential gaskets.

It is specifically designed to provide the operator the luxury of working without any support to lighting fixtures, and an easy maintenance.