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multihead weighing machine / for the food industry / high-speed
SmartWeigher Marel France



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    for the food industry

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Main Benefits

- High accuracy at highest speeds
- Autotare on each shackle
- Virtually maintenance-free
- Simple hygienic design
- Low cost of ownership

SmartWeigher is the renowned whole product weigher that enables accurate weighing in the ACM-NT cut-up line.

It consists of a section of Sigma track, installed into a conventional Sigma overhead conveyor, to which a load cell and vibration sensor are attached. This sensor and its software pick up and neutralize the effect of any vibrations on weighing accuracy.

Products pass over the SmartWeigher with no acceleration or deceleration. Weight information from SmartWeigher is used to size whole products or determine how they are to be cut.
The SmartWeigher Grading and Distribution Line

VIV Innovation AwardMarel Poultry has developed a new 8 inch product weighing, grading & distribution line, suitable for the highest possible production speeds. The system consists of a new turning shackle that positions products optimally for the SmartWeigher, the IRIS vision system and new unloading stations controlled by Innova / PDS-NT software. Result is an unrivaled, high-performance solution.

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