Laboratory freeze dryer
ALPHA 2-4 LD plus Martin Christ


  • Laboratory/process:



The Alpha 2-4 LDplus is an universal laboratory freeze dryer, designed for routine applications. It has a maximum ice capacity of 4 kg, with ice condenser temperature of -85 °C that permits drying of samples with organic solvents such as alcohols. This model also features vacuum control, considerably improving the process speed (with optional electromagnetic pressure control valve)and conversion of product temperature and vacuum according to the vapour pressure curve above ice. This model is also provided with the LYO Display LDplus operating interface, with graphical LC display, allowing simple and easy control of all routine freeze drying operations, as well as viewing of all important parameters such as ice condenser temperature, process time, section time and vacuum. Additionally, the menu guidance is available in several languages including German, English and French. This model is also available with optional RS-232 PC communications interface, enabling simple and easy process documenting via LyoLog LL-1 software.


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