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ion mobility mass spectrometer / industrial / high-resolution / monitoring



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    high-resolution, monitoring, real-time, ion mobility mass, benchtop


The DAIMS is equipped with two high-resolution ion mobility spectrometers continuously working in positive and negative polarity. Thanks to the plasma ionization source and the continuous operation in both polarities, DAIMS offers the highest sensitivity for volatiles organic compounds (VOCs), toxic organic compounds (TOCs), acids and industrial pollutants. The additional advantage of Double Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometer is its 6 independents sample ports, which allow air quality monitoring from 6 independent points from a distance of up to 50 meters.

The DAIMS has been developed in collaboration with LastMile company for 24/7 indoor air quality monitoring in industrial buildings. The DAIMS is designed for real-time control, monitoring and exchange of indoor air in smart buildings.

The main applications areas of DAIMS are:
Indoor air quality monitoring
Sick buildings monitoring
Air quality monitoring in industrial buildings
VOCs and TOCs monitoring
Odors and pollutants monitoring
Trace gasses detection
Processes control