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TKU 2040 Maschinenbau Kitz GmbH

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chain conveyor / horizontal chain conveyor / horizontal - TKU 2040


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Maximum load:

    700 kg (1,543.236 lb)

  • Speed:

    18 m/s (59.06 ft/s)


TKU 2040 – Indexing Chain Conveyor System

The TKU 2040 is especially well suited for defined, position-oriented supply and removal as well as for interlinking machining centres. The system’s timing can be individually configured to a fixed cycle. It is used for example in the machine tool and plastics industry as well as in the automotive industry.

The TKU 2040 is based on the mk profile system and is modularly constructed, compact, flexible and extremely robust. It is constructed from a timing chain conveyor with 2 roller chains, which permits a total load of up to 700 kg. The conveyor body consists of two profile sections with gliding assemblies for the chain and the workpiece fixtures. It is available in designs with a predefined width or with an adjustable width. The adjustable width makes it possible to use with workpieces of different sizes.

According to the specific requirements, the workpiece fixtures can be prisms made out of either polyoxymethylene (POM) or brass, which are optimal for holding round work pieces. Alternatively, profile pallets can be individually equipped with customer-supplied workpiece fixtures.

TKU 2040 Features:
Cost-efficiently interlink machining stations
Sturdy system has a load capacity of up to 700 kg
Permits loads of 6/10 kg (prism) and up to 20 kg (profile pallet) per workpiece
Compact construction
Flexible modular design
Widths between 195 mm and 1500 mm on adjustable models
Direct drive reduces maintenance and wear
Conveyor speed up to 18 m/min
Repeatability of + - 1 mm possible