Mass flow meter / thermal / for gas / in metering tube
10 - 4 000 mln/min | MV-102 Mass Flow ONLINE BV


  • Technology:

    mass, thermal

  • Fluid:

    for gas

  • Mounting:

    in metering tube

  • Other characteristics:



The MV-102 model is a mass flow meter with a wide-angle display, wide flow ranges and a high amount of accuracy. Electric output is analog 0 to 5Vdc and interfaces include RS-232 with FLOWBUS and Modbus RTU-ASCII. This meter is virtually independent of pressure and temperature variations, as well as parallax error-free.

In addition to counter and alarm functions, it comes with password protection that can be configured and ten pre-installed gases. The OLED display provides a clear indication of gas type, desired flow units, a bar graph/value of actual flow rate, etc. Free software tools are available with this digitally calibrated meter.


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