epoxy adhesive / single-component / high-temperature / chemical-resistant
Master Bond



  • Chemical composition:


  • Number of components:


  • Technical characteristics:

    high-temperature, chemical-resistant, low outgassing, electrically insulating

  • Product applications:

    for metal, for plastics, glass

  • Field:

    industrial, for sealing, for bonding, for the aerospace industry, electronics


One component, heat curing epoxy for structural bonding applications featuring low coefficient of thermal expansion
Key Features
- High tensile lap shear strength
- Serviceable up to +500°F
- Smooth high viscosity consistency
- Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
- First class chemical resistance
- Superior electrical isolation properties

Product Description
Master Bond EP13LTE is a one component epoxy featuring high temperature resistance and a low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). This system requires heat for curing and polymerizes readily at temperatures of 300-350°F for 1-2 hours. For optimum properties, a post cure of 2-3 hours at 350-400°F is highly recommended. It is a true one part system—not premixed and frozen, and requires simple refrigeration for storage. Foremost among its desirable properties are its high glass transition temperature (Tg) and low CTE. In fact, with post curing the Tg exceeds 160°C. EP13LTE has a paste consistency that is easy to apply and has limited flow upon curing.

EP13LTE bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including metals, glass, composites, ceramics and many plastics. It is a high compressive strength system with exceptional dimensional stability. EP13LTE has good resistance to many chemicals and retains superior electrical properties, even at elevated temperatures. The color is tan. EP13LTE is especially well suited for bonding and sealing applications, where precise alignment and a low CTE are particularly important requirements.