protective varnish / two-component / epoxy / for printed circuit boards
EP30-2 Master Bond



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    for printed circuit boards


The Master Bond Polymer System EP30-2 is an epoxy resin material that works with a good bonding setup and works well for all sorts of technology needs. This polymer material is a low viscosity model that uses a two component epoxy resin body that cures at room temperature. This works with a 100% reactive resin body and will not have any volatile materials. This is useful for application needs in that it will not shrink very easily. This creates great bonds that can resist thermal conditions and chemicals like water and oil. This can manage conditions from -360 to 300 Fahrenheit and will adhere itself to just about all types of surfaces. In addition, the resin is known for its electrical insulation properties. This is a compound that is widely used in many tech industries and today can be used for your needs.

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