epoxy adhesive / single-component / shear strength / for metal
Supreme 3HTND-2GT Master Bond



  • Chemical composition:


  • Number of components:


  • Technical characteristics:

    shear strength

  • Product applications:

    for metal

  • Field:



Master bond has introduced this epoxy sealant or adhesive that is featured with faster curing and toughened single component and can deliver higher performance. It can be suitable to be used in those applications that require accurate positioning and also bonding of microelectronic components as well as other devices on electronic assemblies and printed - circuit boards. It is designed to fulfill the increasing requirements of technology. It is ideal for precise assemblies and also for manufacturing electronic devices that are small without using the traditional methods like soldering. It is equipped to provide greater degree of protection to the delicate and fragile components on circuit board against thermal shock, impact, vibration and other environment conditions. It has got excellent electrical insulation, efficient adhesion of plastics, ceramics and metals and also significant physical strength. It can be used for applications that have circuit board - areas which are sharply defined.