epoxy adhesive / single-component / impact-resistant / for metal
Supreme 10HT/S Master Bond



  • Chemical composition:


  • Number of components:


  • Technical characteristics:


  • Product applications:

    for metal

  • Field:

    for electronics


The Master Bond's Supreme 10HTS is a silver epoxy system which offer a broad range of features which comes with an integrated processing. It requires an oven curing under temperature range of 250 up to 300 °F. Its tensile shear strength is greater than 1,200 psi and T-peel strengths over 5 pli making it impact resistant.

To continue, this multifaceted epoxy is equipped with conductivity features. It has a temperature resistant feature making it capable of bonding under 4K up to 400°F. Furthermore, it also comes with a high shear and peel strength. It is suitable and ideal for a spectrum of various substrates encompassing metals, glass, ceramics and composites. It is able of enduring thermal cycling and mechanical shocks.

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