silicone adhesive / two-component / electrically-conductive / for rubber
Mastersil 155 Master Bond



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    for rubber

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The Master Bond MasterSil 155 features a specifically modified graphite silicone resin that when added with a liquid curing agent, it cures at ambient or faster at elevated temperatures to a tough, flexible and electrically conductive silicone rubber. With a service temperature range of -85°F to +400°F, this two component black colored electrically conductive silicone compound produces a smooth paste that assures a complete fill-in around complicated contours and in even complex configurations. In addition, the Master Bond MasterSil 155 gives a superior resistance to vibration and shock after cure.

The Master Bond MasterSil 155 can offer superior protection against adverse environmental conditions and it is widely used for bonding and sealing of electronic components, electrical devices, a variety of electro-optical systems and for special electronic circuitry.