metal-filled epoxy resin / for sealing
Steelmaster 43HT Master Bond



  • Type:

    metal-filled epoxy

  • Applications:

    for sealing


Master Bond has developed SteelMaster 43HT. It is a stainless steel equipped with component epoxy resin for economical maintenance, rebuilding, restoring, resealing and repair of depleted metallic objects. Steelmaster 43HT has been introduced to hastily aid at indoor temperature with a handy 5 to 1 mix weight ratio. This product is easily blended and used with a lesser sagging potential. This unique epoxy resin system is best used for metals, particularly steel and steel alloys. It is also suitable for non-metallic substrates such as ceramics and plastics. It enhances the level of physical strength and assures excellent adhesion to a variety of objects. This product is designed to exhibit high resistance to thermal cycling and chemicals like water and oil.

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