epoxy adhesive / single-component / shear strength / industrial
Supreme 3HT-80 Master Bond



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  • Technical characteristics:

    shear strength

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The Master Bond Supreme 3HT-80 polymer system offers an excellent physical strength properties and toughness with a curing temperature of 170°-175°F. This one component, heat curing epoxy adhesive, sealant and coating will cure in 10 - 15 minutes at typical temperature requirement of 250°F for similar one part epoxies. At 170°F, the Master Bond Supreme 3HT-80 will cure in 20 to 30 minutes. It should be noted that for a typical one part, non-premixed and frozen epoxy to cure at optimal properties, the curing temperature should be at 250°F.

Master Bond Supreme 3HT-80 bonds well to a wide variety of materials and forms high strength bonds in both sheer and peel modes. Similar to all Master Bond products, the Supreme 3HT-80 is 100% reactive and doesn't contain diluents or solvents.

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