epoxy adhesive / two-component / thermally-conductive / for metal
EP21TCHT-1 Master Bond



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    for metal

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The EP21TCHT-1 is a two-component epoxy compound which is thermally conductive and capable of resisting heat. It is created to cure at medium temperatures or even faster and elevated temperatures. It improves its bonding strength of 1,800 psi at ambient temperatures and maintains relevant strength despite exposure to as high as 400°F temperature. These bonds are tough and durable that can withstand the thermal cycling and chemicals involving fuels with many solvents. Moreover, its temperature ranges from 4K to 400°F.

These compound comply better to glass, ceramics, wood, metals, vulcanized rubbers and plastics. The stiffened adhesive performs thermal conductivity. This product is used for applications such as electrical, chemical, aerospace, etc.

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