cyanoacrylate adhesive / single-component / fast-curing / industrial
EP65HT-1, EP51M, MB297 Master Bond



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The Masterbond's Adhesive System caters to a broad spectrum of solutions for sealing, coating and bonding applications. It is available in either one or two component systems.

The single component system does not require mixing. It has the capacity to cure right after its exposure to UV light, heat or moisture. The two section system, on the other hand, has the ability to cure under a room temperature level or even at slight high temperature levels.

Its whole product series provides a broad spectrum of adhesives including silicones, both LED and UV cure system, polyurethanes, epoxies as well as cyanoacrylates.

The whole adhesive system is capable of curing and bonding different materials from just a few seconds up to several minutes.