epoxy adhesive / two-component / elastic / for metal
EP21TDC-4 Master Bond



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    for metal

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The EP21TDC-4 from MasterBond offers high performance bonding, sealing and coating that can be used on different kind of metals, plastics and rubbers. This product has a flexible system for epoxy resin made for more rapid use in a wide temperature range from -100 °F up to +250 °F. It also has a good electric insulation property, and gives a 30 pli peel strength and up to 200% elongation.

Moreover, EP21TDC-4 adheres well to untreated rubber materials that require more surface time preparation. Some examples are neoprene, nitrile, SBR and EPDM rubber compounds. EP21TDC-4 also has the ability to be resistant to oil, water, thermal cycling, mechanical shock and vibration. It is also available in a non-drip version called EP21TDC-4ND.

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