epoxy adhesive / two-component / low outgassing / for metal
EP29LPSP Master Bond



  • Chemical composition:


  • Number of components:


  • Technical characteristics:

    low outgassing

  • Product applications:

    for metal

  • Field:



The EP29LPSP is a high-performance, two-component master bond polymer system. It is designed to be servicable as an adhesive, protective coating and sealant even in very low temperatures. Where it really stands out, however, is in its ability to withstand cryogenic shocks.

The epoxy, which has a low viscosity and is optically clear, is designed to bond a variety of substrates including ceramics, metals, etc. Additional advantages include good insulation properties, a long working life of four or five hours, or more, and good chemical resistance. The bond system requires that the mixed epoxy be at room temperature, where it is followed by alternative cure cycles of lower elevated temperatures: eight to ten hrs @130(-150°F) or five to seven hrs @175°F, or three to five hrs @200°F.

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