epoxy adhesive / two-component / for metal / industrial
EP37-3FLF Master Bond



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    for metal

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The MasterBond EP37-3FLF is a dual-component epoxy resin polymer system engineered to deliver comprehensive adhesion, casting, and coating operations. It features a minimal viscosity level, high malleability, a 1-to-1 amalgamation ratio by volume or weight, and a seamless adhesion capability almost any type of substrate, such as ceramics, glass, various plastics, rubber, and certain metals.

MasterBond's EP37-3FLF Polymer System is not only a high-quality adhesion system; it is also a fine-quality encapsulating, casting, and potting agent. Its minimized exotherm ratings (relatively lower compared with other similar systems) turn it into the ideal system for immense casting management applications. Its added electricity component tolerance further boosts its other functions as well. With high electrical-retardant properties, lowered exotherm levels, and adaptability in its operational functions, the MasterBond EP37-3FLF is ideal for electrical, optical, electronic, computer, opto-electronic, and specialty OEM-style fields of application.

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