polyurethane adhesive / single-component / UV-polymerized / for metal
UV15-7 Master Bond



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    for metal

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A single-component, non-yellowing UV curable polymer system, the UV15-7 by Master Bond is ideal for a range of high performance tasks in coating, sealing, encapsulation and bonding. Offering superior strength, it also resists shrinkage upon curing and color change (yellowing). It works well in bonding a wide range of substrates including metals, glass and even plastics like acrylic, polycarbonate and polyester films. This product does not contain diluents and solvents, and is 100% reactive. Ideal for a wide range of applications, this product has proven resistance to a host of fluids, solvents and fuels. The UV cured polymeric material is suitable in a wide range of temperatures from -80°F to +300°F. It ensures durability, effective insulation features as well as thermal cycling capacities.