epoxy resin / electronic / glob top
UV15X-2GT Master Bond

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epoxy resin / electronic / glob top epoxy resin / electronic / glob top - UV15X-2GT


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    glob top


The Master Bond Polymer System UV15X-2GT is a new UV curable glob top which boasts superior durability and chemical resistance. It has one component and is easily processable. UV15X-2GT is a thixotropic paste which operates well when encapsulating chips and selected components on circuit boards. The cured UV15X-2GT provides exceptional protection from mechanical and physical damage which may occur during assembly and handling.

UV15X-2GT offers exceptional resistance to water and other chemicals which includes most solvents. It is highly resistant to mechanical and thermal shock and has the ability to withstand thermal cycling above its temperature range of 80°F to 250°F. It has superior electrical insulation properties and a rapid cure making it ideal for prototypes, assembly operations and repairs. It easily cures beyond 1/4" thick.