epoxy adhesive / single-component / high-temperature / for electronics
FL901S Master Bond



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    for electronics


The MasterBond FL901S is a singular-component, epoxy material-based, silver-filled film. It was designed to deliver efficient handling capacities, ample storage security, and a quick curing period. The film has been developed with heavy-duty features, such as advanced integrated thermally and electrically conductive and insulating elements, a high temperature tolerance grade, an immense adhesion force, and chemical-retardant properties. It also sports a malleable flow, which speeds up the operation process.

MasterBond's FL901S comes in two alternative sizes: a 6x2x0.003-inch variant, and a secondary 8x4.3x0.003-inch version. Additional sheet size variations are also available, with all of them, including the two primary alternative configurations, capable of being modified and customized into any dimensional aesthetic. Even unique and personalized pre-forms are obtainable upon request.