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Silicone adhesive / single-component / low-viscosity / for metal
MasterSil 773 Master Bond


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    for metal

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The Master Bond's MasterSil 773 is solution for various coating and sealing applications in electronic circuitry. It is low in viscosity and solvent-free. Low viscosity allows the silicone coating to be implemented in a wide range of methods such as spraying, brushing, coating or flow coating. It it capable of curing under high humidity environmental conditions. It can coat as well upon exposure to vibration and shock. It is able of adhering and bonding a broad variety of substrates. This encompasses materials like rubbers, plastics, metals and other electronic circuitry substrates. It maintains a low modulus at a diverse temperature range from minus 65 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius.

The adhesive is serviceable under temperature range amounting from -80 °F up to +300 °F.


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