epoxy adhesive / two-component / high-temperature / chemical-resistant
EP62-1 Master Bond



  • Chemical composition:


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  • Technical characteristics:

    high-temperature, chemical-resistant

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The EP62-1 epoxy bonding system from MASTER BOND, has a long operational life and a quick curing ability at moderate temperatures. It provides a lenient 100 to 10 weight mix ratio, and a 12-hour life span for the 100 grams. It cures within 4-6 hours for 60-70°C conditions, 20-40 minutes at 80-100°C, and 10 minutes at 125°C. The glass transition temperature of the EP62-1 is more than 170°C, and is also highly resistant to acids, chemicals, bases, and other substances at high temperatures. It is also a good insulator of electricity, and is used for applications that require the epoxy to be applied in strenuous conditions. Furthermore, it consists of a clear colored Part A, and a brown colored Part B.

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