epoxy adhesive / single-component / high-temperature / for metal
EP17 Master Bond



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    for metal

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Master Bond Polymer System EP17, the one component, toughened heat curing epoxy resin system is noted for its shear strength and high-temperature resistance. It is designed to cure at the following temperatures (1) 300°F for 90-120 minutes and (2) 350°F for 60-90 minutes. The tensile shear strength is more than 3,500 psi. The system offers variable temperatures at -100°F up to 600°F. The system is capable of delivering toughened and stable bonds with little threat of shrinkage. EP17 is fully reactive, hence there are no solvents or diluents. It has the consistency of a paste. The bond polymer exhibits great strength and is easily machinable. Being a one-part system, EP17 is extremely user-friendly and durable at room temperature. It bonds remarkably well to substrates like metals, glass, ceramics, vulcanized rubbers and plastics.