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wastewater treatment plant wastewater treatment plant - The Cube


In many sectors, such as the aggregates one, the need of a plant for the treatment of the wastewater that can be moved has always been felt, and for the two owners of Matec, Matteo Goich and Massimo Bertolucci, last summer was the right time to put the idea into practice.

An ambitious project, but with the support of our team of engineers and of our customers that could be interested in the project we arrived at the conclusion it could be done.
The name for the mobile project is the Cube, it consists of:

One or more containers for the filter press(es). The machine is placed inside the container and opportunely lifted to allow a screw conveyor beneath them. The screw conveyors are used to take away the mud dried by the filter press. Each side and the top are covered by specific tarpaulins, to protect the system from bad weather
One dedicated to the Bifang, the homogenizer tank for the sludge to be treated by the filterpress
One for the clean water overflowing from the silo
One for the clean water necessary to the flocculant preparation
one which contains a small control station and the Bifloc, the plant for the flocculant preparation and dosing