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Dual bridge water-jet cutting machine
max. 16 256 x 4064 mm | MAXIEM 4000 series MAXIEM Waterjets

Select a model from the MAXIEM 4000 Series to super-size a MAXIEM JetCutting Center. The MAXIEM 4000 Series include waterjet machines with X-Y cutting travel areas ranging from 320" x 160" (8,128 mm x 4,064 mm) to 560" x 160" (14,224 mm x 4,064 mm). All models in the MAXIEM 4000 Series feature an easy access USB port and power/pause controller interface located on the Y-bridge. Every MAXIEM 4000 Series model is installed with high-pressure track plumbing to accommodate for more X-axis coverage. All models in this series can be integrated with the DualBRIDGE System option.


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