Air booster compressor station
max. 1 500 bar Maximator GmbH

MAXIMATOR Booster Stations for nitrogen or a wide variety of other gases are complete booster stations ready for connection which are provided for generating operating pressures up to 1,500 bar.The Booster stations can be used for all kinds of testing and filliing or for other functions requiring a determined high pressure.

MAXIMATOR offers an extensive volume of accessories for all cases of application. Part of them are pressure switches and pneumatically or electrically operated directional valves for controling the system. Connecting adaptors, quick couplings, pressure filters, high-pressure hoses as well as shut-off valves and control valves are available too.

We design the MAXIMATOR Booster Stations according to your requirements. Our sales engineers in the engineering departments world wide as well as our co-workers in the Works Zorge are pleased to give you expert advice and will recommend you the respective Booster Station being suitable for your special case of application.


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