pulsed laser / fiber / rugged / air-cooled
MFPT-20 Maxphotonics Co., Ltd



  • Operational mode:


  • Technology :


  • Other characteristics:

    compact, rugged, MOPA, air-cooled

  • Applications:

    engraving, for marking

  • Wavelength:

    1,064 nm

    Max.: 1,070 nm

    Min.: 1,060 nm

  • Power:

    20 W

    Max.: 21 W

    Min.: 19 W


MFPT series fiber laser source is Maxphotonics MOPA fiber laser source, it is available for fiber laser marking machine integrator. And been widely used on anodize stripping, black marking on alumina,semiconductor and electronics industry, plastics and other sensitive material marking, black marking on stainless steel etc.

◇ Adjustable Pulse Width:5ns~200ns
◇ Frequency Range:1KHZ~1000KHZ
◇ Operating modes:Pulse
◇ Maximum peak power covers the entire whole frequency range
◇ Laser output reflection isolation
◇ Design of High reliability/repetitive/stability
◇ Design of Air cooling system
◇ Controlling method of DB25 interface
◇ CE Certificate

◇ Anodize stripping,
◇ Black marking on alumina
◇ Semiconductor and electronics industry,
◇ Plastics and other sensitive material marking
◇ Back marking on stainless steel
◇ Jewelry marking & Engraving
◇ ITO thin film peeling
◇ Color Marking