Q-switched laser / pulsed / fiber / red
MFS-20 Maxphotonics Co., Ltd


  • Operational mode:

    Q-switched, pulsed

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    air-cooled, OEM, precision

  • Applications:

    deep engraving, for metal, for workstations, engraving, for marking, industrial

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 1060 nm

    Max.: 1068 nm

    1064 nm

  • Power:

    Min.: 1 W (0 hp)

    Max.: 20 W (0.03 hp)

    20 W (0.03 hp)


1. Brief Introduction

MAX NEW (Second Generation) Smart Laser Source is a updated version of the first smart laser. 10W & 20W (MFS-10 & MFS-20) are avialble. The first generation has widely sold to Germany, Spain, Poland, Czech, USA, India, Turkey, Korea, Singapore etc. for jewllery, electronics products, PCB board, mobile phone shell, gift marking/engraving. Almost all metal and partial non-metal can be processing.

2. NEW Features

This laser source has inbuilt control card (no need to connect external controller);
Marking software is made by MAX software R&D team (Support customized function in software);
Every smart laser source has an unique IP, and with WIFI hot spot. (Installation our marking software in your mobile or tablet PC, then connect with smart laser source WIFI, you can mark by your mobile/tablet PC.);
Long Life Time (10,000 Hours);
CE Certified;

3. Main Parameters
Model: MFS-20
Central wavelength: 1064±4nm
Polarization: Random
Energy per pulse: 0.8~1.0mJ
Beam quality(M2): <1.7
Beam diameter: 7~9mm
Power stability<5%
Frenquency tunable range: 20~60KHZ
Pulse width (@ 30KHz): 80~140ns
Power tuable range: 5~100%
Operation voltage: 100~240VAC
Fiber length: 1.5m
Cooling: Forced air
Operate temperature : 0~35℃
Operating humidity: 10~95
Stockpile temperature: -10~60℃

4. Applications:
◇ Black/White/Color Marking on All Metal Materials, like Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum.
◇ Widely used in fields of Jewelry, Mobile Button, Plastic Transparent Button, Electronic Component, IC, Tools, Communication Products; Bathing Products, Tool Accessories, Cutter, Glasses and Watches,Button Decoration for Boxes and Bags, Cookers, Stainless steel products etc.


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