Continuous wave laser / fiber / red / single
MFSC-500 Maxphotonics Co., Ltd


  • Operational mode:

    continuous wave

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    single, water-cooled, OEM, precision, single-mode

  • Applications:

    for sheet metal, for welding machines, for metal, drilling, for welding, cutting

  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 1075 nm

    Max.: 1085 nm

    1080 nm

  • Power:

    Min.: 50 W (0.07 hp)

    Max.: 500 W (0.67 hp)

    500 W (0.67 hp)


MAX CW Single Mode 500W Fiber Laser Source

1. Introduction
Model: MFSC-500
MAX CW 500W fiber laser source is used for Fiber Laser Cutting/Welding system. It’s widely applied in all metal related area, processing on materials like: Stainless steels, Carbon/mild steels, Zinc coated iron sheets, Aluminum alloys, Aluminum, Copper etc.

2. Main Parameters:
Mode of operation: CW
Polarization : Random
Central emission wavelength: 1080±5nm
Nominal output power: 500W
Output power tunability: 10 ~100%
Output power stability: ≤5%
Operating Voltage (AC): 220VAC
Fiber Length: 10~15M
Maximum power consumption( @20°C): <2KW
Weight: 55KG
Cooling: Water cooling
Size(L*W*H): 650*430*169mm

3. Application:
Precise Cutting
Metal Welding
Deep Carving
Surface Treatment
3D Forming

4. Cutting thickness:
Maxmium 3mm stainless steel & 6mm mild/carbon steel;

5. Advantages:
It can not only make plate cutting, but also angle cutting processing. Cutting surface is tidy and smooth, suitable for metal plate and high precision cutting processing. Besides, it combined with mechanical arm can be used for three-dimensional cutting, which replaced the original imported five-axis laser. Comparing with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine no consumer parts and maintenance free, which save more space and gas consumption, higher photoelectric conversion rate, more energy conservation and environmental protection.


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