Actively Q-switched laser / fiber / blue
MFP-20 Series Maxphotonics Co., Ltd


  • Operational mode:

    actively Q-switched

  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 1060 nm

    Max.: 1068 nm

    1064 nm

  • Power:

    20 W (0.03 hp)


MaxPulse series acousto-optic Q-switched fiber lasers with the structure of Q-switch (light switch) main oscillator and high-power fiber amplifier (MOPFA). The emiting periodic wavelength is 1064nm, and peak power up to 7kW, Operating parameters are set via 25Pin control interface and suitable for laboratory and industrial applications. Easy operation, automatic adaptation of user needs, the overall maintenance-free, can be directly integrated into the user equipment. Compact structure , optical fiber isolator output. Multi-power optional, configure the 5W ~ 100W laser power, to meet the vast majority of plastic marking, all metal marking, etching, deep carving, surface cleaning, high-precision sheet cutting, drilling and other applications.


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