Fiber laser marking machine / benchtop
MPS-20 Maxphotonics Co., Ltd


  • Technique:

    fiber laser

  • Configuration:



Maxphotonics MPS Series Smart Fiber Laser Marking Machine (20W) is the Smallest Fiber Laser Marking Machine in the World. The control card was installed inside of the fiber laser source, so it could be use as a complete fiber laser marking machine when connected with a laptop,monitor, keyboard and mouse. It's portable, small on size, nice on design, low power consumption, easy to maintain.
o Compact Structure: Control Card highly integrated into the fiber laser source, small on size, easy to assemble.
o Remote Operation Available: I Pad & Android Smart Phone Remote Control Available.
o Easy to Carry: Total Weight 20KG (Include Marking Table & Z axis), 4 Times Less on Weight than Traditional One,Save Marking Space,
o Support TrueType character font, single line font, one-dimensional barcode, compatible with bmp, jpg, tif, pit, dxf, ai.etc graphic format,
o Low Power Consumption, Energy efficiency and Environmental Friendly,
o High Quality Spot,Stable Power, Long Life Time (10,000 Hours)
o With CE Certificate.
o Application: Black Marking, White Marking, Color Marking on All the Metal Material, such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminum,
o Widely used in fields like Jewelry, Mobile Button, Plastic Transparent
Button, Electronic Component, IC, Tools, Communication Products:
Bathing Products, Tool Accessories, Cutter, Glasses and Watches,Button Decoration for Boxes and Bags, Cookers, Stainless steel products and so on.


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