continuous laser / fiber / infrared / single-mode
MFSC series Maxphotonics Co., Ltd



  • Operational mode:


  • Technology :


  • Spectrum:


  • Other characteristics:

    high-power, water-cooled, single-mode

  • Applications:

    cutting, drilling, for welding, for sheet metal

  • Wavelength:

    Max.: 1,090 nm

    1,080 nm

    Min.: 1,070 nm

  • Power:

    1,500 W, 1,200 W, 1,300 W


MFSC500W-1000W Single-mode continuous fiber laser using adopt water-cooled, it has high power, perfect beam quality and high electro-optical conversion efficiency, and can realize optical fiber transmission. This kind of laser system has extraordinary high reliability to other solid lasers and gas lasers. It is the best choice for cutting , welding and drilling on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and other metal materials,widely used for sheet metal cutting, metal processing, home appliances manufacturing, automotive manufaturing and other industrial field.

Product features
■High photoelectric conversion efficiency
■Excellent beam quality
■Super reliability