ceramic capacitor / cylindrical / power / oil-filled
Maxwell Technologies



  • Type:


  • Configuration:


  • Technical characteristics:

    power, oil-filled, high-voltage

  • Capacitance:

    0.2 nF


Grading capacitors used in live tank circuit breakers allow the high voltage to be distributed uniformly in the interrupting chambers.

Our years of experience and know-how in the production of high voltage capacitors make them suitable for all types of applications in the transport and distribution of electrical energy.

Technical Specifications

Capacitance min: from 200 pF
Nominal voltage: Un from 9kV to 310kv 50/60Hz
Test voltage: up to 600kV 50/60Hz
Lightning impulse voltage: up to 1300kV 1.2/50μs
Switching impulse voltage: up to 1000kV 250/2500μs
Lightning impulse voltage chopped wave: up to 2000kV 1.2/2μs
Vibrations and mechanical shocks: up to 40g
Cantilever strength: from 5kNm to 25kNm