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Aqueous cleaning machine / automatic / chemical / front-loading
R series MEA Maschinen


  • Technology:


  • Operational mode:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    front-loading, turntable, spray


Chamber wash-Wheel system

Wheel wash (R2, RD2, R3, RD3)

The machines operate on the same basis as the standard Einkammerwaschanlagen. The difference is that rotated about a horizontal axis (drum hoop principle) of the container with the laundry or is tilted. She is employed when it comes to the cleaning of bulk cargo or adding parts.
• Available as single or Doppelbadmaschine (phosphating and preserving possible)
• installation of additional air circulation drying possible

how it works:
• A slowly rotating basket parts (drive by gear motor)
• nozzle tubes with nozzles from the top, bottom and both sides ensure complete cleaning of the workpieces into the last corner.
• A large-sized stainless steel centrifugal pump promotes cleaner liquid from the tank and the tank to the nozzle (push increase)
• A sufficiently large tank contains water and chemicals washing solution (cleaning solution)
• strainer filter in the return on
• lift door automatically (pneumatically controlled)
• automatic washing program. confess your
• electric heater (either oil or gas heated). The heating elements in stainless steel are easily accessible from the outside is screwed in the wash tank. A thermostat controls the temperature control takes over
• Material: including all parts coming into contact with water in stainless steel isolation


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