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Inertia dynamometer / dynamic / for DC micro-motors
MotorLine® - MLI-D MEA Testing Systems Ltd.


  • Type:

    inertia, dynamic

  • Applications:

    for DC micro-motors


· Performs QA testing on 100% of production without compromising line throughput (up to 10 motors per minute), reducing costs of defective products.
· Determines acceptability to user predefined PASS/FAIL limits on production lines.
· Provides motor performance data, from stall up to no-load, within seconds, including:
torque, speed, current, voltage,
input power, output power,
time, efficiency, direction of rotation.
· Provides dynamic performance tests data, including:
speed and torque spectrum,
speed and torque oscillations,
friction torque, friction spectrum,
friction output power, cogging torque level.
· Motor performance data can be recorded in the system database for comparison and statistical analysis.
· Motor power switching is done automatically by the system.
· Motors can be tested inside their applications.
· Test results are provided graphically and tabulated.
· Test reports in PDF and Excel format.
· Capability for integration with third party devices, such as hipot & insulation resistance testers.
· System is customized to suit specific requirements.
· Supports non-contact frictionless sensors.


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