power analyzer / spectrum / continuous / monitoring
M-PdM® MEA Testing Systems Ltd.



  • Measured value:

    power, spectrum

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, monitoring, real-time, heavy-duty, graphic


Features and Benefits:

· Use:
Provides friction analysis for predictive maintenance, without coupling to encoder or external load.

· Provides:

o Friction torque and Friction spectrum.

o Speed and Torque spectrum.

o Spectrum of speed and torque for a wide band of frequencies.

o Results in table and graphic form.

· Features:

o Early detection of problems and identification of the need for maintenance.

o Valuable measurements unique to MEA technology (for example: Friction Torque for detection of mechanical defects).

o Motor power switching is done by the user.

o Protected against motor short circuits.

o Allows uploading measurements results to PC for further analysis.

o Low-cost, simple, easy-to-use, and highly sophisticated on-site tester, in the palm of your hand.

o Universal PDA platform with user-friendly Windows TM Mobile OS.

· Detects:

o Unbalance/vibration problems.

o Bearing faults and defects.

o Mechanical looseness.

o Noisy gear.

· Simplifies:

o Maintenance service procedure in the field, while any problem occurs in the system.

o Motors can be tested inside their applications.

o Easily operated by novice and experienced users.

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