quality control software / acquisition / planning / 3D
Dynascan Measurement Devices



  • Function:

    quality control, acquisition, planning

  • Type:

    3D, real-time


The Dynascan system comes with its own fully featured software suite, providing a user-friendly route along the scanning workflow from initial project planning and real-time 3D acquisition through to final processing, quality control and reporting. The software provides:

Dynascan Software ScreenData cleaning and noise removal
Bare earth and non-ground classification
Digital terrain models (DTM) and contouring
Volumetric calculations

The software has been developed with insight from our own team of surveyors, as well as our many global clients and partners. One popular feature is the replay function, which enables customers to replay data after changes have been made without losing the original raw data, offering operational flexibility valued by surveyors working in the field.