calibration capacitor / high-voltage / dissipation factor
7010C Measurements International



  • Technical characteristics:

    calibration, high-voltage

  • Other characteristics:

    dissipation factor

  • Voltage:

    26 kV, 260 kV

  • Capacitance:

    0 µF, 0.001 µF, 0.005 µF


The Model 7010C offers a wider capacitance range and increased voltage sensitivity. Minimum voltage sensitivity for full scale accuracy is 100 volts. The 7010C is a microprocessor controlled, metrology based, high voltage capacitance bridge. Its operation is fully automatic. A large vacuum florescent display presents relevant measuring quantities such as capacitance (Cx) and dissipation factor (Tanδ). Easy to use front panel keyboard menus allow the operator to select the number of readings for statistical analysis of uncertainty calculations at the 95% (2s) level. All measured parameters can be transmitted over the IEEE488 interface for storage to a computer.

The model 7010C is a capacitance bridge with a ratio of 1000:1 making it ideal for both low and high voltage applications. The automatic self-balancing feature facilitates the use of the bridge for accurate load loss measurements of High Voltage Capacitance Bridge MODEL 7010C large high voltage inductive loads.

The 7010C may also be used for calibration of precision standard capacitors, tan-delta measurements and of precision potential transformers. Overall accuracy is <15 ppm in magnitude and phase. The technology is based on the two-stage-current-comparator-principle.